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Join the legal adventure at Bolder Advoc...
Bernard Bongaards - 07/12/23
Gezocht: een advocaat-stagiair(e) arbeidsrecht
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Still no decision from the UWV. What now?
Marieke Hartkoorn - 24/11/23
If the UWV also fails to make a decision after the notice of default and penalty payment, da...
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I am right! Or am I?
Rebecca Weisz-Hertsworm - 07/07/23
Being right doesn't have to mean being right. Getting right need...
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UBO register no longer public?
Sebastian van den Brink - 23/11/22
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Do an internship at Bolder!
Marieke Hartkoorn - 25/08/22
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Beware of the Christmas party
Sebastian van den Brink - 24/12/21
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Does mediation make sense?
Rebecca Weisz-Hertsworm - 25/10/21
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Wanted: Practice assistant / secretary...
Bernard Bongaards - 21/10/21
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Secrecy during mediation
Rebecca Weisz-Hertsworm - 29/09/21
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Mediation: Voluntary but not free...
Rebecca Weisz-Hertsworm - 27/07/21
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Found a treasure! Now what?
Joop Nijhuis - 18/05/21
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Identification at the intake: Are you who...
Rebecca Weisz-Hertsworm - 11/05/21
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