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We are bold, bolder than the rest. Located in Rotterdam. In this enterprising city, we have an eye and a heart for business, entrepreneurs and their families. We close airtight contracts, leaving no openings or loose ends. We don't twist or bendwhere justice is our end. We will relieve you as much as possible, because you have enough on your mind already.

Follow the rules instead of bending them

About us

Our lawyers are specialists in corporate law (including tenancy law), family law (such as divorce, maintenance and access) and employment law (such as dismissal and reorganisation). Together, we are at home in all markets. Entrepreneurs are in excellent hands with us for a legal basis for future successes. Or to settle matters carefully. But private individuals, freelancers and non-profit organisations can also come to us for specialised support.

We are a law firm with a Rotterdam mentality. Committed, social and hardworking. In this beautiful city "that never stands still", we are at the heart of society. We have a business heart. This stands for a human approach to a legal problem, in which we have and show heart for the case, with attention for the client and the non-legal aspect of the case. But we also know how to find the right way outside Rotterdam and we assist our clients in English, Italian, French and Spanish.

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Ons team

Roderick Rischen
Joop Nijhuis
Marieke Hartkoorn
Bernard Bongaards
Fabrizia de Wit-Facchetti
Petra Ellenbroek
Rebecca Weisz-Hertsworm
Arthur Hansen
Hans Bakker
Naïma Ahnouch
Lindsay van der Wiel
Client about us

Sports venue landlord

"The cooperation with all of you was of an exceptionally high level. Now, of course, we are all paid to do our jobs, but this cooperation went a lot further as far as I was concerned. It required commitment, efficiency and respect for each other's role. We forged the iron when it was hot, kept the fire warm at times and eventually stoked it up to achieve our result. And we also laughed together. Great."