Proteus a International Network of Law Firms

gepubliceerd door: Rebecca Weisz-Hertsworm geplaatst op 13 mei 2024 leestijd

Bolder Advocaten is part of Proteus. Proteus is a partnership of several law firms in Europe.

“The Proteus International Network of Law Firms traces its origins back to the year 1996 when the Antwerp law firm of Bossers, Brants, Dierckxsens, and Vervliet recognized the need for European law firms to collaborate closely. his realization stemmed from their representation of clients in European Union countries, requiring cooperation with local law firms.”

“Operating with a client-centric approach, Proteus ensures clear and transparent communication within the network and with clients. The network collaborates to provide comprehensive legal assistance, guided by a strong global perspective. Its diverse clientele includes multinational corporations, SMEs, individuals, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, financial institutions, entertainment industry stakeholders, technology firms, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, real estate developers, and energy and natural resources enterprises.”

If you want to know more about Proteus, take a look at its website.