We help to resolve disputes with consideration for both sides, by listening for common ground to bridge the divide, and by searching for openings to seal a win-win agreement.

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Mediation of persons and family law

If you are going through a divorce and you and your ex-partner want to arrange all the consequences of the divorce in mutual consultation, you can make use of the services of one of our mediators in Rotterdam. They guide and mediate in making arrangements. This is also possible when you want to revise agreements (on access, child support etc.) or work on a better understanding and communication.

Another form of divorce in consultation is collaborative divorce (also called consultative divorce or mediation plus). The divorce is arranged in consultation, in peace and openness and with respect for each other. This leads to sustainable solutions that everyone can support. Unlike in mediation, both parties have their own lawyer, there is a coach to guide the process and a financial expert for the business side of the dispute. If necessary, other professionals can also be involved in the consultation, such as a children's coach. All professionals are specially trained, are mediators and use mediation techniques.

For more information, please visit the following website You can of course contact us with questions about mediation and collaborative divorce.

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Mediation in contract and labour law

A mediator can also be of good service in the event of an employment conflict. If you find yourself in a dispute over the interpretation of a contract, or your working relationship has become disrupted, you can also call upon our mediator, Joop Nijhuis, who specialises in this field. The mediator does not play the role of advisor to one of the parties, but guides the process in which the parties look for a suitable solution to the problem. Please contact us if you would like more information on the possibilities of mediation.

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