Persons and family law

Bolder Advocaten has lawyers specialised in family law who can handle all aspects of family law and who can manage the consequences of life events.

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About family law

Wealth and family are often linked. Thus, marriages and divorces are important moments, as is the arrival of children. Bolder Advocaten has lawyers specialised in family law who can handle all aspects of family law, and who can steer the consequences of life events in the right direction.

A divorce involves many issues, such as the relationship with children, maintenance, the joint home, the estate and the pension. Our specialists will advise you on your options and guide you through the process. This creates the space to reach lasting agreements. Where necessary, we work in a team with professionals who have specialised knowledge of the tax aspects and/or valuation of a business. The aim of all this is to properly shape the process of saying goodbye to each other so as to avoid future disputes. Our lawyers are trained in alternative dispute resolution and use their knowledge in this area to seek the best solution for you.

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Our specialisations

Within the law of persons and family law, we are your advisors in the field of:

  • (International) divorce, termination of registered partnership and the consequences
  • (International) division of the estate (community of property or prenuptial agreement)
  • Substitute consent for sale of joint home
  • Main residence of minor children
  • Custody and access rights
  • Child and spousal support
  • Substitute permission for relocation
  • Guardianship/parental authority
  • Parentage (acknowledgement, establishment or denial of paternity)
  • (Name and surname change
  • (International) child abduction
  • Guardianship, trusteeship and mentorship

Do you want more information on these topics or advice on your own case? Then please contact us. A fixed fee is negotiable.

Our lawyers

Fabrizia de Wit-Facchetti
Petra Ellenbroek
Rebecca Weisz-Hertsworm