We are Bolder.

We are bold, bolder than te rest. We are Bolder Lawyers. We make it our business to bolster your business. We close airtight contracts, leaving no openings or loose ends. We don't twist or bend when justice is our end. We make sense where nonsense reigns. Trust us. We are Bolder.


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Our expertise

Labour law

Specialist in hiring, retaining and/or dismissing staff. Advice on competition clauses, sick leave and reorganisations.

Corporate law

Knowledge of business and contracts. Advice on drafting commercial contracts or disputes about them.

Family law

Well-regulated affairs and mediation in divorce, children and maintenance. Nationally and internationally.

Our lawyers

Joop Nijhuis
Arthur Hansen
Bernard Bongaards
Rebecca Weisz-Hertsworm
Fabrizia de Wit-Facchetti
Marieke Hartkoorn
Hans Bakker
Roderick Rischen
Petra Ellenbroek
Elise van Nimwegen

The News

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Sebastian van den Brink – 23/11/22
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Ontslag door ernstig verwijtbare affaire
Sebastian van den Brink – 18/11/22
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